Saturday, January 12, 2008

Regards from Finland

Regards from Finland,
We arrived here on Thursday .It was pretty much of an adventure .The weather in Vienna Austria where we landed to was very foggy and we missed our connection to Helsinki.We got a flight to Munich and from there to Helsinki ,but the plane in Munich had some technical problems so we had to wait there too.Well we arrived about 6 hours after the planned time.
The weather here is very grey cold and rainy.
Today is my birthday and my mom had invited some family over.It was really nice to meet everyone after such a long time. I wanted to add some pictures here , but my mom's computer doesn't recognize my camera.So the pictures will have to wait.


My Paper World said...

HAPY BIRTHDAY DEBBY! Have a fabulous time!

Flossie's Follies said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, Glad you arrived safe and sound

sari said...

onnea synttäri lapselle!! =) Kiva kuulla että sulla on kivaa suomessa...mutta huh mikä matka...=)