Thursday, January 31, 2008

Hugs and Kisses

this card is for a blog challenge by Moralia .
Can't get enough of this little Magnolia girl.She is popped up again though it's kind of hard to see it here.I preferred the cuttlebug texture upside down this time.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sealed with a kiss

I am in love with this magnolia stamp,lol .I really like to play around with it.This time I cut the image out and popped it up and made it more proper for Valentine's ;).I used Nicola's sketch #3 again .I do need some more practising in embossing though UGH!.

Card #2 is for a daily challenge by Cora at Cococat's cardmaking
The challenge is to use only black/white and lime green.The card is made from a sketch by Terri also at Cococat's cardmaking.

card #3 is for another challenge by Cora - use an image of a dog.Suppose to be a real dog ,but we don't have one so I used this new stamp of mine.The collar has a little heart hanging from it so this card is also for Valentine's.The sketch is Nicola's.

Monday, January 28, 2008


This card is for a sketch challenge by Nicola .I just realized I put the sentiment down instead of the middle ,but I hope it's okay.The stamps are G studio and I just received them yesterday from Amy at Cococat's cardmaking as my birthday present.Thank you so much Amy.

Here is the beautiful card I received from her.

It's your birthday

I have wanted to try out lace as the dress hem.Today I saw the daily challenge by Cora at Cococat's cardmaking and I had to try it out .Here it is.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

A little man

A card I made for our neighbour who had a boy a few weeks ago.The card is made by a sketch #1 by Nicola .I love this sketch it is so easy to work with .The tiny steps are stamped and embossed,not easy to see here.

then 3 birthday cards I have received from friends .The first is from Debbie thank you so much the second is from Connie thank you dear and the third one came all the way from Australia from Melanie together with a great Australian stamping magazine, so much fun thank you so very much to all of you.

I was nominated...

Okay so this is little late but as you all know I was in Finland and I had so many other things to catch up with , I completely forgot about this.
Kirsi nominated me with the blogger award called "You make my day". Thank you so much Kirsi ! Now it's my turn to nominate 10 bloggers who inspire me. Here are some who's work I admire and who are lovely persons as well. There is so many more of you who are a true inspiration,but I tried to pick people who didn't have the award yet on their blog ,or at least I think they haven't .

Lynn Anne

I have been asked what the picture on my header is. It is a picture I shot in Finland , actually from my parent's balcony.It was the "clearest" day during that week,lol.Yes it was pretty grey all week to say the least.

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Trying some new stamps

I bought some really nice stamps in Finland and I had to try them out .
The first card is for a sketch challenge #2 by Nicola . I made it with my new Magnolia stamp. Love this stamp. Colored it by chalks.

The second card is for a daily challenge (January 17th yes I'm a little behind ,lol haven't been here to make any cards ,but better late than....) by Cora at Cococat's Cardmaking
Cora asked us to make a card with some kind of a bird.Thought this stamp would be perfect for this challenge.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Look at these beautiful Birthday cards ...

...I have received from my friends around the world.
Before I left to Finland I received a very nice package from Peggy .It is gorgeous IRL.She sent me some really nice goodies as well and a few magazines.Thank you so much Peggy.

When I arrived at my parents house,the first things I saw on the table was a package from Kirsi.Inside was this absolutely beautiful card she had made me together with a little purse made by Marimekko, something very typical Finnish design and reminds me so much of my childhood in Finland it is such a great keepsake and she even got the color right. PINK! .I love it Kirsi ,thank you so much.

I had a lot of mail when I got back home and between all the mail I found two cards from U.S .One from Laurie at Cococat's Cardmaking ,A beautiful card and inside a little set of studio G stamps.Thank you so much Laurie, so sweet of you.
The other fabulous card was from Peggy also at Cococat's Cardmaking.Thank you so much .I really appreciate it.

Back from Finland...

trying to catch up with my blog and other blogs.
We came back the night before went to bed very late and woke after about two hours to an awful earache.I caught a horrible cold.Not the Finale` I was hoping for our great visit abroad ,but noone asked me,lol

We did have a great visit .I finally met my nephew twins Noah and Max and of course their big brother Elliot. I'll attach some pictures here.I received some beautiful birthday cards and goodies .I'll post them here too, but it will have to wait .I need to get organized here,lol.It was so nice to spend time with my parents and family though it was a bit short ,but after all I left my kids here so I couldn't stay longer.
I visited a scrapbook store.So much fun , I spent my birthday money there.I do have to admit that I could have bought twice if not 3 times the goodies if it was in is so expensive in Finland and in Europe in general.I did get some nice stuff though after all we have hardly anything over here.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Regards from Finland

Regards from Finland,
We arrived here on Thursday .It was pretty much of an adventure .The weather in Vienna Austria where we landed to was very foggy and we missed our connection to Helsinki.We got a flight to Munich and from there to Helsinki ,but the plane in Munich had some technical problems so we had to wait there too.Well we arrived about 6 hours after the planned time.
The weather here is very grey cold and rainy.
Today is my birthday and my mom had invited some family over.It was really nice to meet everyone after such a long time. I wanted to add some pictures here , but my mom's computer doesn't recognize my camera.So the pictures will have to wait.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Thank you...

card for Eli who installed a central A/C in our apartment.Our house has been on wheels for a month already and the reason I have had much less time for carding or crafting in general.During this month Eli lost his mom and had to sit "shive"(a mourning period of seven days) ,which meant no working at all .
Now we are pretty much done ,there are a few things to finish ,but it will have to wait when we'll come back from Finland where I'm flying with my DH this coming Thursday.We'll be staying for one week and I'll finally get to see my twin nephews, Noah and Max and their big brother Elliot.It Will be soo nice to be with my parents , brothers and family to celebrate my birthday on Saturday .I'll be probably less online ,but I'll try to check in at least once a day.
It reads Thank you in Hebrew(Todah)on the card and the image is from Internet.The image is pop dotted kind of hard to see it on the picture though.
The other pictures are from the process ,lol including my happy space in plastics;)

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Time for some Valentine cards

There is a Daily Challenge by Cora at Cococat's Cardmaking to make a Valentine card without a heart.I first thought it would be easy,but it wasn't.I still feel my cards are empty without one,lol.I made two very simple cards almost the same just switched the colors and one without the felt love.
The BG is with cuttlebug and the felt "love" was found in my stash :)The "gem stone" hugs and kisses is by "me and my big ideas"

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008

Wishing all my friends and family a Very Happy New Year!

This card is for my DH who today became a civilian after 24 years of service in IAF.Wishing you the best of luck for the coming year and most important HEALTH!
I tried to gather different things he has done during the 4 months of the retirement vacation.It includes health services ,the kidney foundation he is the Chairman of ,different companies he has been interviewed by and a hobby he would really love to start(carpentering).It reads in Hebrew Good Luck!
the card is made from a skecth by Nicola at MY PAPER WORLD