Saturday, January 19, 2008

Look at these beautiful Birthday cards ...

...I have received from my friends around the world.
Before I left to Finland I received a very nice package from Peggy .It is gorgeous IRL.She sent me some really nice goodies as well and a few magazines.Thank you so much Peggy.

When I arrived at my parents house,the first things I saw on the table was a package from Kirsi.Inside was this absolutely beautiful card she had made me together with a little purse made by Marimekko, something very typical Finnish design and reminds me so much of my childhood in Finland it is such a great keepsake and she even got the color right. PINK! .I love it Kirsi ,thank you so much.

I had a lot of mail when I got back home and between all the mail I found two cards from U.S .One from Laurie at Cococat's Cardmaking ,A beautiful card and inside a little set of studio G stamps.Thank you so much Laurie, so sweet of you.
The other fabulous card was from Peggy also at Cococat's Cardmaking.Thank you so much .I really appreciate it.


My Paper World said...

Ooooh! Lucky you! They are all beautiful!

Lynn Anne said...

This is the second post I've seen in the last half hour mentioning Cococat's Cardmaking, when I've never heard of it before - weird coincidence! I guess I'll have to stop by and visit... what gorgeous birthday cards Debby! Hope they herald a great year ahead :)


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scrappinpeg said...

Glad you liked the card/magazines and goodies... enjoy!