Thursday, May 31, 2007

Another Birthday card

Here is another birthday card .
Won't tell for who it is though,lol.
The paper and fiber are Basicgrey.
A funny story about the piece of lace.It is from a shirt Danit bought.It was attached to the label and price tag.She immediately brought it to me.She knows me .I love this kind of stuff ,cause I know I'll always find a use for it.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Some new pictures

Received some new family pictures from Finland .
My mom with the twins , Noah and Max,love this photo .The twins with my brother and my parents and one of Elliot ,the big brother .

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

A card for my Mom

It has been a very hot day here today and I hope it will cool down a little by tomorrow
I finally sat down for some carding in the afternoon ,this time for my dear mom.It's her birthday in about two weeks.
The card is made with Basic grey PP .I inked the word Congrats .The stamp is by Stampingbella ,my favorite stamps so far,lol and of course a lot of Primas.I have a hard time making a card without them .Let me know if you like it!

Monday, May 28, 2007

Getting rid of pigeons...

We have had this serious issue with pigeons for a very long time.We have them sitting on our balcony and on our window edges ,they have made nests both at the balcony and at the windows.It is disgusting how much dirt ( means illnesses too)they make and not to talk about the noise .We can not sleep anymore during mornings cause they start at 5 o'clock .It drives us completely nuts.
We have tried everything to get rid of them .We hang Cd's, someone told us it would blind then ,we tried this kind of glue that they wouldn't like to sit there ,but it only made the window edge dirty and everything else got stuck including all kind of insects.Then we tried plastic snakes ,well it took them about a week to get friendly with them and they just pushed them away.Yes these pigeons are big , strong and very wise too.I hate them soooo much...I have called the municipality and they just keep telling us that these birds are protected and there is nothing they can do.So we tried these plastic thorns ,but they sit even on them.
Then yesterday we finally decided to get professional help .This guy is coming today and installing these big thorns made out of stainless steel ,not a cheap issue at all,but hopefully this will do the trick and we can start enjoying our balcony again and sleep through the night without having to hear and see the d.... birds.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

"The Cheese cake"

I shouldn't have talked about the cake on my previous post,lol.It was a complete disaster.It fell down completely and it wasn't tasty at all so it went straight to the garbage and I am so mad at myself that I tried this new recipe .I ended up baking another cake ,but not a cheese one.I ran out of cheese.Never mind the brunch was otherwise a success ,the food was Yummy even if I say it. Our friends enjoyed and we had a nice afternoon .
At about 7:30 pm Avi's phone reminded us (something we had completely forgot about)that we had a surprise party to attend at Neve Ilan,not too far from Jerusalem so we had to get dressed and leave .It was a nice evening and a very nice day in general.

There is no school today for the kids cause it is "Isru chag" (still holiday outside of Israel),but Avi has work and Elad had to get back to the base so it was pretty much a regular morning here .I ironed Elad's uniform made him a good breakfast and took him to his base.He should be back for the weekend though.After driving Elad I had to go and buy some groceries
and meat from the butcher for shabbath . We have my cousin's son from Finland here for shabbath.Elad is so excited cause he can talk Finnish with him.
If I'll have time ,I'll try to make another card and post it here.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Chag Shavuot Sameach

Happy Shavuot to everyone.It was a busy day in the kitchen today .I cooked almost all day ,made 3 different casseroles , cannelloni, dried tomato bread and of course a cheese cake .There is no Shavuot without one. We were invited to eat at my Mil's for dinner so we drove to Jerusalem in the afternoon .My MIL made so much food and so delicious too,she always does..

It is almost midnight and we have friends coming over tomorrow so I better go to sleep.

Good night !!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Busy day...

It will be a busy day today .Need to go and buy groceries for Shavuot which starts tomorrow night.My favorite Holiday !!Elad comes home tomorrow which is great .So we'll be full house for the Holiday.

I did finish the card for my dad last night and with a little help from Avi I think it turned out really nice.He helped me to decide what to do with the words I wanted to kind of high light.So tell me what you think.
The weather is really nice today.
Have a nice day and a week for those who only start their week on Monday :)

Finished a card...

So I finally finished a card ,which has been lying on my table for about a week now."Chanuka Bella"(no not the card for my dad,lol) ,maybe a little early when the summer is behind the corner, but it's done..Hope you like it.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday ...

A Sunday morning here.Kids are at school ,but not for long .I am about to go and buy some fresh bagels from Holy Bagel.I need them for Shavuot and I better go and get them now and freeze them before it gets too crowded over there- it is lunch time already.
Then I want to sit down and make some cards .It is Dad's birthday very soon and I do want to make him a card so it will get in time to Finland.
have a nice day!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

just another shabbath here

It is just a pretty regular shabbath here at our house.We slept late except Liron who was up early and played with the computer ,now he is sleeping .Danit is on ICQ as usual when she finally gets the computer. We ate shabbes lunch .Elad is at his base and we all miss him.The weather is getting warmer and warmer.Not something I'm looking forward to.

I need to plan the Shavuot menu.Shavuot is definitely my favorite holiday.Why is that ??Because I love dairy food and this is the holiday for that.

We have friends over for Shavuot day and the evening before we go to Jerusalem to my MIL.

Nothing else really to report .Have a nice day !!