Friday, November 30, 2007


This Hanukkah card was submitted to the November -December issue of Simply Sentiments magazine.As most of you already know the magazine never saw the light as sad as that sounds and my card probably sits somewhere with a bunch of other cards. So I decided to post it here .It happens to be one of my favorite cards even if I say it myself ;)and I wish I could get it back.
The image is a picture of our candles .I shot it last year with my old camera.The pixels are not the best, but it doesn't really show here cause anyhow I played around with it a little with PS.The image is also the one I use now as my blog header in honor of Hanukkah. The rub on I used on the picture is by MM and the ribbon is from Michael's.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Merry Christmas - Good Luck for the New Year !

I don't have access to my other computer due to renovations in our house so I can't write the title with the Finnish letters . Card's text is in Finnish.Well never mind.The paper is from a Finnish craft store -Sinelli.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Happy Anniversary!!!!

To my Dear Mom and Dad Happy Anniversary!!!I LOVE YOU!!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Happy Holidays,Hope ,Merry Christmas

Getting some more Christmas cards done .Nothing too complicated pretty simple ones .Trying a new stamp and some more stickles.
I have been asked who the manufacturer is for the golden leave paper.Unfortunately I have no idea .I bough it at a local craft store and it doesn't say anything except,High line accent.

Lämmin joulutervehdys

The idea for this card came from a ready made printed card I saw on a Christmas newsletter.The greeting means a warm Christmas wish.

Look what I received today...

Look at this absolutely gorgeous card I received today from Flo Thank you so much!!! .You put a big smile on my face :-).

Noel...Merry Christmas ,Joy

received my stickles today which my dear mom bought me with the gift card I won from the wedding card contest.YEAH!!

Image and the rub on are from a friend ,papers are BG .

I used BG paper ,rub on stamp and stickles

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Scary night -we were shaken by an earthquake

I was watching TV in bed and my DH had already fallen asleep when I hear these noises and the the bed starts moving and everything moves.It was about 2-3 seconds ,but it was so scary.My DD was screaming and crying and totally hysterical.DS came from upstairs and said all his pictures on the shelves were moving. Then he got back upstairs and came down with a helmet on his head and his hockey vest.He was so funny he said ,"I'm ready now".We all laughed so hard .He sure has a great humor,lol . Both kids slept downstairs tonight they were too scared to be upstairs.It was the third earthquake this week, but the first one we felt.It is a matter of time when the big one will hit as scary as that sounds.We belong to an area where they are waiting for a big one.I guess it isn't enough with all the other scares around ;)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Getting started with Christmas cards

This card is for a CSC at Cococat's Carding an easy, but fun to work with sketch .It gave a good start for my Christmas cards.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Soldier girl

I made this card for my SIL's daughter who goes to the army tomorrow morning.
The star is an image from Internet .It reads gius nayim and it means an easy enlistment.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hyvää isänpäivää rakas pappa!!

To the best dad in the world ,I love you.Happy Father's day !!
Father's day is celebrated in Finland and I think in all Scandinavia every year on the second Sunday of November.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Happy Birthday Michali!!!!

Michali ,this card is for you Happy Birthday !!It is on its way to you with some other other little goodies ;)Hope you'll have a fabulous birthday!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

A little toot...

I won the 3rd place in a wedding card contest at a craft store called Sinelli in Finland.I am not allowed to publish the card myself so I have to ask you to check the web site if you want to see it, take a peek my card
There is a funny story behind the publishing ,lol. They published my mom's name under the card(she was the one who sent the card for me) so she called them and asked to change it,they could not understand why it was so important to get my own name there ???!!!!..It still says Helsinki, but I really don't mind after all I was born in Helsinki and it stays my home town :)

Friday, November 2, 2007

For a dear friend

I made this card for a very dear friend of mine,who's birthday is next week.If she peeks in here I'm pretty sure she'll know this card is for her ;).

We had a nice day yesterday.Went to eat at an Italian restaurant for Dh's birthday with the kids .

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Birthday Avi

today is my DH's birthday!!Happy Birthday,Mazel Tov .I love you!!!!!

The little cup cakes are popped up ,but it doesn't really show here.