Thursday, June 28, 2007

"Scaling New Heights"

This is a card for my son's 19th Birthday ,which takes place on Sunday.
He is very much into weightlifting and exercising lately so I looked for an image to go with this theme and found this sentiment to go with it.Tell me what you think?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

My messy little corner

asked us to show where we scrap.I had my doubts if I should show my messy little corner to the world.Well, here it is... I guess it's better than nothing.
My DH has promised to make me a decent one when he retires from the army at the end of this year.We'll see .I'm waiting...

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Have been MIA

Okay so I have been MIA for a few days.Last week was so busy with different events.We had a wedding ,
Bar Mitzvah 40Th Birthday(a friend) and a memorial day for friend's son.
This weekend was awfully hot ,not that it isn't today ,it is even worse.We are having this horrible heatwave here .It is in 40C (104F) and so uncomfortable .We do have A/C but only in the living room so it gets pretty hot here.
I did manage to make a card though for Carla's sketch challenge.Tell me what you think.Papers are Basic Grey and the letter "B" is cut from Bazzill's and stamped .
I did get some new papers last week too. Bazzill's CS and some new primas and a few other goodies.Can't wait to use them!!!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Black &White wedding card

This is what I came up with for the wedding tonight.I have used this stamp many times already and think it's really cute.Don't know why ,but I love the black/white/red combo to go with it.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


I made this card for a sketch challenge Carla
has on her blog
I loved Carla's card she made of this sketch and I just had to try it. Thanks Carla.

My car passed the yearly test which makes me very happy Yeah!! don't have to see that place until next year.
We have a wedding tomorrow and I need a card so I'll go and work on it now.Will post it later on.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Bar Mitzvah card

Made this card for a Bar Mitzvah, which was yesterday .The tallit is made of ribbon.

Yesterday was a nice day.I pampered myself with some new clothes and sandals.YEAH!!
This morning I took the car to a garage .It is time for the yearly test again.It seems like it was only yesterday ,but a year has passed.If there is something I hate it's this .Not my cup of coffee,lol.I just hope that this time the car will pass the first time and I don't have to go there again until next year.
The weather today is great .It's cloudy and there is a nice breeze ,though it won't last for long.Tomorrow will be hot again.
Wishing a happy week for everyone.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Back online

I got my laptop back yesterday ,but unfortunately I lost everything I had in it.It had to be reformatted completely.The reason for that was a d...Trojan horse and I thought I had the best virus programs.
Was busy yesterday trying to make back ups for the big computer,got so scared after this one crashed.Then I have the album for school I need to finish until Thursday and on top of all this I had to make a quick card to my dear hubby.He got his MHA(Master of Health Administration) yesterday.So we put some balloons on the door so he could see them when he got home and I made this card.

The card is a scrap lift from Paula(Prbloom ),hope you see this Paula.I love the card she made a while ago for graduation,hers is pink and adorable .I needed a quick card cause I was running out of time and had no inspiration of my own.There is a big mistake on the card though. It says MA instead of MHA, cause I thought it was MA well he was happy with it anyway.It is the thought that counts right?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

In Panic -My laptop isn't working!!!!

I am pretty much in a panic mode .I can't get my laptop to work this morning.It just doesn't load.I am lucky to have the other computer so I can be online ,but hey it just isn't the same.This computer is shared with the kids so If you won't see me here , you'll know the reason.
We had some family over yesterday .My BIL and his twins.Amit and Ariel.Elad went with them to the monkey park and then they came back and we all had lunch together.The picture above with all the kids together.Ill go now and call our computer Geek,Yossi.Hope he'll be able to help me out.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Look what I got ...

Yesterday was a good day.I finally received my prize package from the handmade card contest I won at Simply Sentiments back in January.I got this note from the customs to come and pick the package from there.I was pretty horrified I would have to pay customs.So I drove to Tel Aviv and waited patiently for them to bring me the package and open it before my eyes .He did a search and then went to the computer and typed something and then gave me the note to pick up the package.I didn't have to pay a cent.YEAH!!!!!Here is the card which gave me this fabulous overwhelming package of goodies.

The package content was absolutely amazing and never ending,lol.Primas, papers chipboard alphabets, stickers ,
ribbons ...
it goes on and on. I am so happy!!Here is a picture.

Friday, June 1, 2007

Wedding Congrats

Here is a wedding card I made yesterday .
I had completely forgot about
the 7 gypsies
"love" paper.I've always loved it.So I had to use it.

Friday morning here.Bought groceries today ,a big mistake .It is pretty much insane at the grocery stores on Friday mornings ,but it's done now.Went to the market as well .Need to get the cooking started and then rest.It is a big joy being able to sleep tomorrow morning.Tonight will be a very small kiddush .Elad stayed at the base ,Danit is invited to her boy friend's for dinner.So it is only Liron, Avi and I.