Monday, October 22, 2007

Breast Cancer awareness month

As many of you know October is observed as Breast Cancer Awareness month.Our post offices have a campaign .They hand out these cards with the Hebrew text .(it reads princess loving you, amazing , no one like you ,sweet heart ,my love , my mom ,my sister my grandmother my friend ...and it goes on )You can send the card for someone who you care and is important for you to remind her how important it is to get the yearly check up done.The service is free inside the country,you don't have to pay any postal fees.
I saw the card today and I loved it and the idea of it. Since the service doesn't include international post ,I thought I would improve the card a little and send it to a very dear friend who is a survivor and always reminds her friends to go and get the "squeeze" done.Pam this card is for you with lots of love.Thank you for caring.


My Paper World said...

I love your improvements! That photo corner is lovely!

Flossie's Follies said...

Love how you took it up a notch, how wonderful of your government to support Breast Cancer Month this way, and am always happy to hear about another survivor. Me I always get my yearly SQUEEZE.

Pam ~ cococat said...

Debby, through the tears you have brought to my eyes I write this heart felt thank you my dear far away friend. How honored I feel to have you think of me and send me this wonderful card. I will treasure it always.
Pam ~ cococat

jessi nagy said...

gorgeous card!!! my birth mom has breast cancer, and the mom that adopted me died when i was 19. of breast cancer. so this card is divene.
jessi nagy

My Paper World said...

Hi Debby, just to let you know that I popped over to your blog today.
have a great weekend!