Thursday, September 13, 2007

Shana Tova - Happy New Year

Wishing all my Jewish friends and family a Happy and healthy New Year !Shana Tova - שנה טובה
My craft/scrap room furniture is here ,Yeah!!!No pictures yet I am still arranging stuff and it will take some time before I"ll take pictures so please be patient.Hopefully will be getting back to carding by next week.


Selena said...

Miss seeing your cards, come back soon! Hope the reorganization is going well!

sari said...

happy new year to you and your family!

sari said...

no niin...terve taas=) Ei kortti ollu template...mutta huomasin jälkikäteen, että on semmoisia templateja...=) Piirsin 2 hametta eri papereille, toisesta vain leikkasin hihat ja kaila aukan...=) Tosi helppo kortti tehdä! =)