Saturday, August 11, 2007

A baby blessing

made this for our friend's baby boy together with the tiny baby card.
It was supposed to be a regular Friday morning with cooking except that we had to be at a Brit(circumcision party/event) at 12:30pm .Well I was making laundry the day before ,when I realized that the machine didn't squeeze the water. I saw red .I have been afraid of this day when I'll have all Elad's army laundry he needs for Sunday and my machine will break down. Woke up like a zombie at 7:00am when my cellular rang .It was Danit who came home from Kfar hamuzika(music festival) tried to get in with her key, but we had forgotten the safety thingy on so she couldn't get in with her key .Poor girl ,she had been outside for almost 1/2 an hour and didn't want to call us and wake us up,lol (The festival is all night) . Luckily I was up now ,cause I remembered that I needed to call the technician SOS. .He asked me to check the filter, so I did ,but I couldn't open it and neither could Avi so I called him again and he came over .He came opened it and there was something stuck inside .Nothing wrong with the machine itself thank G-d.He was here for 5 minutes charged me $35 and left me with laundry room full of water.I had no choice but start to clean the whole room and take everything out.So I said to myself if you take everything out do the shutters as well. I was done at about 10:15am and started to cook.At 12:30pm we had to be out of the house going to the Brit.The card was ready, but I had to write something inside and pack the frame , take a shower and get ready to go.
Came back from the Brit at about 4pm, finished cooking for today and washed the floor downstairs,then left the house again to go and eat dinner at my MIL in Jerusalem .Not exactly a regular Friday .UGH!


Flossie's Follies said...

This is beautiful, oh my I need a nap now after reading about your day. So glad the machine was OK

sari said...

ai kun ihanan kaunis kortti!! Huh huh...mikä päivä päivä sulla olikaan!!!

Selena said...

Sorry to hear of all the trouble.The frame is gorgeous, As are the past couple of cards you've posted! Love those little BB's