Monday, May 28, 2007

Getting rid of pigeons...

We have had this serious issue with pigeons for a very long time.We have them sitting on our balcony and on our window edges ,they have made nests both at the balcony and at the windows.It is disgusting how much dirt ( means illnesses too)they make and not to talk about the noise .We can not sleep anymore during mornings cause they start at 5 o'clock .It drives us completely nuts.
We have tried everything to get rid of them .We hang Cd's, someone told us it would blind then ,we tried this kind of glue that they wouldn't like to sit there ,but it only made the window edge dirty and everything else got stuck including all kind of insects.Then we tried plastic snakes ,well it took them about a week to get friendly with them and they just pushed them away.Yes these pigeons are big , strong and very wise too.I hate them soooo much...I have called the municipality and they just keep telling us that these birds are protected and there is nothing they can do.So we tried these plastic thorns ,but they sit even on them.
Then yesterday we finally decided to get professional help .This guy is coming today and installing these big thorns made out of stainless steel ,not a cheap issue at all,but hopefully this will do the trick and we can start enjoying our balcony again and sleep through the night without having to hear and see the d.... birds.


JeanneLee said...

Debby, hope the professionals made it out and it helps to solve the bird problem!

ayah said...

Debby, did you have any luck with the professional? They use those wires at the subway stations here in Boston, sorry to say, the birds just build their nests and sit on top after a bit. The only thing that seems to work is they have the cleaning company dismantle their nests and get rid of their eggs each day. It is/has been such a messy problem for commuters.