Thursday, May 24, 2007

"The Cheese cake"

I shouldn't have talked about the cake on my previous post,lol.It was a complete disaster.It fell down completely and it wasn't tasty at all so it went straight to the garbage and I am so mad at myself that I tried this new recipe .I ended up baking another cake ,but not a cheese one.I ran out of cheese.Never mind the brunch was otherwise a success ,the food was Yummy even if I say it. Our friends enjoyed and we had a nice afternoon .
At about 7:30 pm Avi's phone reminded us (something we had completely forgot about)that we had a surprise party to attend at Neve Ilan,not too far from Jerusalem so we had to get dressed and leave .It was a nice evening and a very nice day in general.

There is no school today for the kids cause it is "Isru chag" (still holiday outside of Israel),but Avi has work and Elad had to get back to the base so it was pretty much a regular morning here .I ironed Elad's uniform made him a good breakfast and took him to his base.He should be back for the weekend though.After driving Elad I had to go and buy some groceries
and meat from the butcher for shabbath . We have my cousin's son from Finland here for shabbath.Elad is so excited cause he can talk Finnish with him.
If I'll have time ,I'll try to make another card and post it here.

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Debra said...

I have a killer recipe for Black Forest Cheescake. Mmmmmm Haven't made it in FOREVER!