Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Shavuot -חג שבועות שמח

To my friends and family ,wishing you all a Happy Shavuot.
Shavuot is the harvest holiday and my favorite .We eat dairy food on this holiday and that is what I like the most.
Tomorrow will be a busy day cooking and preparing for the holiday.I'll bake dried tomato bread some casseroles,pizza and of course a cheese cake.There is no Shavuot without a cheese cake.


Flossie's Follies said...

Happy Shavuot

scrappinpeg said...

Happy Shavuot Debby to you and your family. Enjoy your holiday expecially getting to eat the dairy with this one... YUM. One of my favorites too! Your dried tomato bread sounds yummy too. Try not over do it with all your baking etc. and ENJOY the holiday too! You always do too much!
Sending big hugs!
Love your new header for your blog too!

Lynn Anne said...

Have a wonderful holiday!! I would love to see your tomato bread recipe...and what do you do for cheesecake?? We have an 'ice cream and cheesecake' party at the shul tomorrow night - fun!

where did you get your happy shavuot graphic? Could I grab it and use it on the homepage??

Lea said...

I stumbled on your blog just now, still did not have a chance to go through it yet, but since I received a smile from it..I just wanted to smile back and wish you and your family Happy Shavuot!