Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Bar Mitzvah...

The days before The Bar Mitzvah http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bar_Mitzvah were very busy and I was very tense.I had plenty to do and I felt I had not enough time.I did a few stupid flops as well ,it just shows I was in pressure.I never thought I would get this tense ,but it happened and I had no control .For example I wanted to shorten Liron's pants for the party.I have done it so many times ,but for some reason I cut them in the wrong place and I ended up buying new pants.Then a phone call I thought I was calling my SIL's daughter who has a nail place I kept on talking and talking and it wasn't even her .Boy did I feel stupid,lol
My parents came on Monday together with my aunt and her hubby and then on Tuesday night at 4 I picked up my brother from the airport and my other brother came the next day.
Anyhow the day before the Bar Mitzvah we received plenty of worried phone calls.people had watched the news about Bush visit and were pretty much in panic how they would make it to Jerusalem.I have to admit we were very worried too but guess what .the traffic was better than a regular day,lol People were afraid to drive so they stayed at home ,lol so the streets that were open were empty the only problem was to find a parking place .People had to walk ,but no one complained.BTW my brothers and my cousin saw President Bush and Laura when stuck in the traffic,lol.They were so excited about it.

The morning wasn't my day I woke up and my hair looked horrible I went to the hairdresser the day before ,but nothing was left.My hair was not the way I wanted .Poor Avi I drove him crazy .I was so nervous.He pretty much kept quiet and I think it was better ,lol.

Liron read his chapter of the Torah so beautifully and loud.We threw plenty of candy on him (it is a tradition).
The Bar Mitzvah celebration at the hotel was so nice people really enjoyed it.Elad read Liron's speech in Finnish and all the Finnish guests were in tears.It was very emotional.We made a nice clip for Liron and people enjoyed it as well.
We came home exhausted, but happy and pleased .

The next day I cooked ,I hosted a Sabbath dinner (Friday evening) and the next day which was Sabbath the celebration went on and we walked to the synagogue early in the morning and on my way there I fell on my knees .It sure hurt but I was happy my pants didn't rip,lol .My knee did,lol .It is still pretty sore.
Came back from the ceremony and I had to get everything ready for the guests ,30 people.I had ordered these plates from a place called Holy Bagel.
It was a very nice day and everyone enjoyed.
My dad left back to Finland the same evening and my brothers and aunts the same night.My mom stayed for a few days more but will be going back on Wednesday morning.
I am feeling so tired ,both emotionally and physically,but also very happy it is over and I can relax.
We haven't received the official pictures yet only what Danit took so I post a few here.
On top of all this Liron has to finish a school project called "the roots" ,it is about family history and it was due today .There was no way I would get it done in time (kind of scrapbook) so I e-mailed the teacher and asked to postpone .I have until Thursday.
It will take me another few days before I get back to normal so please excuse me if I don't post comments on your blogs .I do care .I just don't have the time.


My Paper World said...

Oh my goodness Debby! you have been busy! Glad everything turned out ok on the day!
Don't worry about visiting our blogs! we will still be here when things calm down!
Take your time, and get some much deserved rest!
Nicola xx

jenstamps said...

Wow! Things look like they tuned out wonderfully!!! I think I would have been just as nervous as you. Get some rest now that everything is over!

Lynn Anne said...

aww, love the photos - and the no. 13 challot! Mazel Tov!