Saturday, April 12, 2008

getting ready for Passover...

Thought I'll write you cause I have been kind of MIA and will be for the coming week.It is busy here we are getting ready for Passover which means a lot of cleaning UGH! .Then this passed week our DD was sick and between getting ready for Passover I spent the days at the doc's office, lab and E.R.Everything is fine now Thank G-d (we still have to do some labs though)but it was one of those weeks . I 'm finally seeing the end for this madness of cleaning ,though I still have a lot to do.I did get pretty angry with myself on Wednesday . We had renovations and a central A/C set a few months ago as some of you might remember and we moved our furniture from one wall to the other and there was this spot on the wall I was waiting to clean and thought I would do it before the holidays well I tried to wipe it off , but instead I made the whole wall with stripes ,which meant I had to paint the d...wall now .I was so mad I touched it .I should have left it the way it was .So there I was painting yesterday ,sure felt my back and arms when I was done.I used to do this every year ,but I guess I can't do it with the same energy anymore .I feel old UGH!It wasn't this hard before .

I hope I'll be done till Thursday morning ,just to change the dishes and start cooking.I added the link here so if you want and are interested you can read what Passover is all about.
Hope to be back creating soon.

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Flossie's Follies said...

So glad to hear that your daughter is OK and it was not anything serious. Enjoy Passover, well tne end part when you can eat. Family and life come before blogging but not too sure about cleaning.