Tuesday, July 3, 2007

I've been tagged !!!!

by Flossie
I have to give seven unknown facts about myself and then tag 7 more people.

1. Winter is my favorite time of the year
2. I am not a big pet lover though I used to have a parrot and a hamster as a little girl.
3. I was only 18 when I moved here by myself.
4. I'm a night owl even as a child my parents had a hard time putting me to sleep ,though today I do need my morning sleep,lol.
5. I love to watch "Extreme makeover" home edition.
6. I am a sucker for happy endings.
7. I have a fear of war and illnesses.

Here are the 7 I tagged.I can't figure out the links.Tried, but it just doesn't work. I get an error.Please somone who knows how to do it, teach me how.


Don't forget to tag 7 others!!!Have fun!!

1 comment:

sari said...

so, i've been tagged?! LOL.... thank you ...=)