Monday, June 18, 2007

Bar Mitzvah card

Made this card for a Bar Mitzvah, which was yesterday .The tallit is made of ribbon.

Yesterday was a nice day.I pampered myself with some new clothes and sandals.YEAH!!
This morning I took the car to a garage .It is time for the yearly test again.It seems like it was only yesterday ,but a year has passed.If there is something I hate it's this .Not my cup of coffee,lol.I just hope that this time the car will pass the first time and I don't have to go there again until next year.
The weather today is great .It's cloudy and there is a nice breeze ,though it won't last for long.Tomorrow will be hot again.
Wishing a happy week for everyone.


Kirsi said...

Hieno kortti. Mun pitäisi vissiin ottaa ompelukone esiin ja viedä se huoltoon, noi ompelukset kun antaa aina kivasti jotain lisää korttiin.

Laura said...

Tosi hienonnäköinen kortti!!

Flossie's Follies said...

WOW, how creative, love the card and the ribbon. Hope your car passed, know what that can be like, some of the states here have the yearly inspection thing also